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Parks and Gardens

Normans have green fingers and love plants, which results in exceptional gardens, such as Claude Monet's garden in Giverny, in the Eure Department, in the heart of a naturally beautiful Normandy that boasts a natural unspoilt environment.

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Botanic Garden

Parks and gardens  -  EVREUX

This lush public garden is located in the heart of Evreux, capital city of the Eure Department in Normandy.

Park of the Château de Vascoeuil

Parks and gardens  -  Vascoeuil

In the Andelle valley, explore an incredible garden and an open air sculpture exhibition.

Arboretum - Rouloir Park

Parks and gardens  -  CONCHES-EN-OUCHE

In Conches, a Norman town in the Pays d’Ouche, have a look at 120 tree species and visit an apple tree conservation area.

Jardins et Maison de Claude Monet

Parks and gardens  -  Giverny

A must-see in Normandy, Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny illustrate the Impressionist nature.

Park of the Château d'Heudicourt

Parks and gardens  -  HEUDICOURT

On the D13 road, halfway between Lyons-la-Forêt and Gisors, stop at the Château d'Heudicourt.

Park of the Château d'Emalleville

Parks and gardens  -  EMALLEVILLE

Ten kilometres (6 miles) away from Evreux, enjoy a bucolic walk in a garden combining French and English features.

Harcourt Arboretum

Parks and gardens  -  HARCOURT

In Normandy, visit this fascinating arboretum, which is also the oldest one in France.

Park of Prévanches Manor

Parks and gardens  -  BOISSET-LES-PREVANCHES

Discover this lovely garden nested near a 17th century castle.

Senneville Manor

Parks and gardens  -  Amfreville-sous-les-Monts

In the Seine-Eure region, in Amfreville-sous-les-Monts, the Manoir de Senneville comprises a three-hectare park.

Garden of the Giverny Museum of Impressionism

Parks and gardens  -  Giverny

In Giverny, Claude Monet's village, explore the stunning garden of the Museum of Impressionisms.