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Local specialities & foodie shopping

Local specialities & foodie shopping

The most popular produce of Normandy

What best way to really experience the character of a region than truffle out foodie finds and taste its terroir? As you take in the different landscapes and meet producers, the Eure reveals its delicious treasures. Fill your basket with the beautiful colours and flavours of Normandy


Apples, cider, Pommeau and Calvados

As you know, in Normandy, apple is the ultimate king of fruit! Cider apples, table apples, dessert apples, early, late-season, sweet, bitter, tart, sour, etc. There are numerous varieties grown here in the Eure: Rever, Melrose, Boskoop, Reinette grise, Canadian Reinette, etc. From the beautiful pink and white spring blossom to the autumn fruits, the Norman orchards gently add colour to our landscapes et provide the very best ingredients to prepare delicious drinks. 


  • Apple juice with a unique fresh apple flavour.

  • Cider with a nice golden colour and low alcohol content.

  • Calvados, the most famous Norman after-dinner liqueur, an apple brandy made from distilled cider and aged in oak casks, which give it a nice amber colour.

  • Pommeau, an aperitif drink born in 1948 in Pont-Audemer, a clever blend of cider apple juice and Calvados brandy.


In the Eure, this emblematic apple growing tradition is kept alive and remains remarkably successful.  Indeed, every year the Eure's cider products are awarded at the Paris International Agricultural Show.



Pomme de Normandie, Eure, terroir, Agriculture


Produit de l'Eure, Normandie, terroir


Milk, butter, cream and cheese

Many people still have in mind the backward-looking image of the good old Norman farmer standing in the middle of her herd and praising the virtues of her Norman milk, cream and cheese. Well, you should know, far from clichés, the Norman farmer has changed a lot but the Norman dairy products haven't and still offer excellent quality! 


Indeed, Normandy has always been a dairy land thanks to its terroir, the abundance of its pastures, the quality of its production and the reputation of its tradition. Its unctuous milk is produced from well-built cows grazing green pastures almost all year round. This precious liquid is used to produce the flavourful cream, which once churned turns into butter, and not any butter! Not to mention the cheese that are renowned throughout the world: The famous Camembert de Normandie, Pont-l’Evêque, Neufchâtel and Livarot, also known as "Colonel". But there are other dairy products too in the Eure including yoghurts, fromage blanc, tomme cheese, goat cheese and even cottage cream.



Ferme du Beffroi et camembert esprit normand, eure, Normandie



Norman Foie Gras

Only few food lovers know this, but Normandy has been involved in the production of Foie Gras since the 1980s. Over the years, the region has become a reference thanks to its green and bountiful pastures, which are particularly suitable for duck and goose raising.  

In fact, the town of Le Neubourg, in the Eure Department, welcomes, several times every year, the Norman producers of Foie Gras, who are members of the Association “Fermiers du Bec”. On their market stalls, they sell geese and duck breasts as well as Foie Gras, either raw, "mi-cuits" (half-cooked) or "au torchon" (where the liver has been rolled in a tea towel before cooking), coming exclusively from the local terroir and fed under the apples trees in our green pastures. During these events, there are always local chefs ready to share their cooking secrets or their favourite pairings of duck Foie Gras with sweet white wine.


Normande Beef

First of all, before you go across fields in Normandy, it is important to know how to recognize the pretty Normande cow. Here is a tip: Look at it in the eye, it always wears brown glasses! 

But did you know? The production of beef from the Normande breed is part of a long tradition dating back, most likely, to the middle of the 19th century. For the record, the Normande breed results from a cross-breeding of 3 old breeds: Cotentine, Augeronne and Cauchoise. This breed is known for the quality of its milk but also (and this is less known) for the quality of its meat! 


And to tell you more about its meat, what better way than quote a gourmet specialist, the Gault & Millau: "It is a mature meat, finely marbled, with a beautiful colour, almost purple. Good succulence. Lots of tenderness and silkiness. Butter with a hazelnut flavour. Meat that almost melts in the mouth, a wonderful taste. We wish we could eat such a meat more often."


Where to buy our nice products? 

Directly from the producers member of the "Bienvenue à la ferme" (Welcome to the Farm) network www.normandiealaferme.com

Farmers belonging to the network "Bienvenue à la Ferme" sell their produce directly to consumers: cider-based products and other apple products, a wide range of cheese and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, snails, trout, meat (lamb, mutton, pork, veal, beef, poultry, Foie Gras, rabbit), honey, saffron, oils, flour, bread, etc. Freshness, quality, origin and traceability are of course guaranteed!



Produits normands, pomme, safran, Eure, Normandie


At the traditional local markets: please contact the Tourist Information Centres for further information. 


At the shops selling local products: 

La Ferme Derly in Tilliers-en-Vexin

La Boutique des Saveurs in Lyons-la-Forêt

La Maison des Producteurs de Pays in Boissy-Lamberville

La boutique "Graine des Champs" in Vascoeuil

La Boutique "Au bon Beurre" in Cormeilles

Les Granges Ménillonnes in Ménilles

Le Marché de Pithienville in Pithienville

La Normandie à pleine bouche in Guichainville