Close to the Espace Baron Lacour, come and learn more about the history and treasures of a natural wetland.

In Tillières-sur-Avre, next to the ponds of Pont Auber is concealed a network of wetlands, listed a Sensitive Natural Area. As the 19th century hydroelectric dam you will see at its entrance shows, man and water have worked together here, sometimes collaborating, sometimes fighting against each other. A 1.8-km-long (0.6 miles) nature trail dotted with information panels takes you to learn more about the history and treasures found in this nature site. If you look carefully, you might see some of its inhabitants along the way: frogs, birds, dragonflies, etc.

The southern damselfly is the mascot of the site, it will guide you along the way! This delicate and protected small blue dragonfly was spotted on the site where everything has been carried out to preserve its habitat. To recognize it, there is one distinctive feature: a mark in the shape of a bull's head on the upper part of its abdomen.

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