Bernay, Ville d'art et d'histoire, Eure, Normandie
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Wandering around Bernay - Miles&Love

Wandering around Bernay - Miles&Love

Wandering around Bernay


To continue our visit of the Eure, we then went to Bernay, a very pretty town steeped in history (much like all the other towns in the department).

And once again the people we met and the nice little shops and restaurants we saw made our visit of the town a genuine discovery.


I am thinking, in particular, of the bookseller who welcomed us to the community bookshop Le rouge et le Noir. You have to go inside this very small shop packed to the ceiling with books. And behind them, a man with a big smile who stood up to tell us all about the library, the association, the best sci-fi novels and... the Bee Gees (to which he listens all day long).


A very colourful place. A little bit further away, we pushed the door of L’atelier du rêveur. And we were immediately immersed in Manu's world, a board game enthusiast who taught us many rules and transported us elsewhere. We found ourselves leaving with two games for the long winter nights to come.


Atelier du Rêveur, Bernay, Eure, Normandie


Atelier du Rêveur, Bernay, Eure, Normandie


Seriously, do not hesitate to go at L’atelier du rêveur and be carried away by Manu's passion and kindness (who is also an excellent writer as you can read on the shop's Facebook page). You will always think of him when you spend an evening with friends playing games.


TThe town of Bernay is after all full of surprises. For instance, you don't expect to find, around a corner, a flight of stairs covered with vegetation that you climb, of course, to end a few minutes later with a stunning view over the roofs of the town. 

You don't expect either to find friendly places like Brin de Zinc where we stopped for a drink, or the restaurant 


Le Bistrot Bernay, Eure, Normandie


Le Bistrot de Bernay where we enjoyed lunch by the fireplace. That's right, by the fireplace, indulging in homemade terrines and other traditional dishes. By the way, this place, also very colourful, is the hang-out for many incredible people such as Marcelle, 83 years old, an elegant and impish regular customer… (but we can't tell you more about what we talked and laughed about because no one would believe it came out of the mouth of a woman of that age). 


Rencontre Bernay, Eure, Normandie


In short, this is what stood out from our visit of Bernay. We immediately felt really at ease, we wandered around the little streets aimlessly, stumbling upon rivers and friendly and authentic places here and there. 


Balade dans Bernay, Ville d'Art et d'histoire, Eure, Normandie


A great day that ended with another extraordinary place La ferme en ville. It is a beautiful property in Bernay, which is a B&B, a hotel and a restaurant all at the same time. And, as if the beauty of the place was not enough, we had the chance to spend an evening out-of-the-ordinary. When we arrived at La ferme en Ville, the lighting was very, very subdued. We actually love this kind of atmosphere, but as it happened, we were a bit surprised, until Christine came to meet us, a little bit panicked explaining there was a power cut in the whole neighbourhood.


La Ferme en Ville, Bernay, Eure, Normandie


Animaux, Ferme en Ville, Bernay, Eure, Normandie


Well, to spend time by the fire, in a huge and splendid Norman fireplace, and lighted by candles made the evening very pleasant (almost romantic to be honest). And what can we say about staying in the centre of the town of Bernay and having goats, a horse and a donkey around... It was exactly what we needed after a tiring busy day. We spent a tranquil night in a charming, authentic suite.


Diner aux chandelles, Ferme en Ville, Bernay, Eure, normandie


This second day in the Eure Department confirmed our first impression: we discovered a completely unknown place that did not cease to surprise us. And yet, we haven't talked about the numerous times we stopped by the side of the road to admire the splendid landscapes of the Eure... We love it!




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