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Let's go and meet Marie, an organic apple producer - Miles&Love

Let's go and meet Marie, an organic apple producer - Miles&Love

Let's go and meet Marie, an organic apple producer


Our encounter with Marie was really meaningful because it tells a beautiful story. Marie, just like us, doesn't come from Normandy. Originally from Toulouse, she first came up to Paris to work as an agricultural engineer. And just like us, she quickly had enough of the pressure, the hierarchy, of not being able to express her ideas.


So she turned her life around. She decided with her partner to take over a cider farm alone in the Eure Department. Somewhere in Normandy, but not too far from Paris.


And she remembers that at first it was not easy to be accepted by the local farmers. She had to prove that even if she came from Toulouse, she knew how to grow and produce apples. It has now become a successful and renowned business she runs with her husband.


Production de pommes bio, Manoir du Val, Eure, Normandie


Marie decided to go organic, if only to keep her children away from the disgusting chemicals sprayed on the fields. And then we must say we identified with Marie in finding the ideal work / life balance and in our love for Normandy. And finally, when you leave, you realise that Normandy, and the Eure Department, are not only beautiful, but also full of people who do something good, innovative with it. 


Oh, and how could we not tell you about the little cat we found with Marie on her farm. There, as we were walking around her little museum dedicated to the history of cider farms, we heard plaintive meowing coming from somewhere not far. And then, we saw a little cat, the cutest in the world. A little kitty, moaning like mad, probably abandoned but taken care of by Marie after we left. 


We even thought of adopting a little cat from the Eure... But we took our two cats from Paris when we moved to Normandy, and we already thought the introduction and life together would be complicated. 


For all that, this time with Marie, her farm and her cider has been particularly significant to us. As Marie shared her passion and her motivation, she proved it was possible to change one's life and follow one's heart while respecting nature and heritage. A true Norman you know!


Cidre et calvados, Manoir du Val, Eure, Normandie 


Article sponsored and written by Miles&Love