Balade entre amis à vélo, Eure, Normandie
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Beat the post-holiday blues!

Beat the post-holiday blues!

The holidays are coming to an end… September is here and is the time to get back to our daily routine! Bye bye amazing holidays, it’s time to get back to work. Keep your spirits up, here are some tips to keep the good vibes going.


Plan a digital detox weekend in Normandy

There's nothing like starting to plan your next trip to start dreaming again! It is always pleasant to picture yourself elsewhere, to explore new places and meet new people. The next holidays might be far-off, but the Eure is really close and guarantees a total change of scenery. So start planning your next getaways in Normandy to have new things to look forward to.


Week-end en couple, Marais-Vernier, Eure, Normandie

Being surprised by unexpected encounters and landscapes in The Marais Vernier


Make the most of the new season of cultural events

September is not only about feeling down and going back to work! It is also a time when there is a wide range of events going on. Discover art exhibitions, enjoy the last festivals, go to concerts and attend theatre performances, explore out-of-the-ordinary places, etc. And don't forget the Heritage Open Days! They provide a great opportunity to see hidden places and try out new experiences.


Tour de la Madeleine, Verneuil d'Avre et d'Iton, Eure, Normandie

Discovering Verneuil d'Avre et d'Iton


Treat yourself to an unexpected change of scenery 

Less than one hour away from Paris, the Eure boasts many nice and out-of-the-ordinary places. You don't need to travel miles and miles to feel like you are at the other side of the world. Which is a good news for your carbon footprint! A nice little B&B, an out-of-the-ordinary holiday cottage in the heart of the countryside, unexpected gardens, quaint villages, etc. Your getaway break is within reach.


Cabane suédoise, l'Epicerie du Pape, Vascoeuil, Eure, Normandie

 Enjoying simple life pleasures and great places to stay at prices you'll love (swedish shack in  Vascoeuil)


Indulge in chocolate

Ok, it might not be great for your hips but chocolate is said to be a great remedy when you feel depressed. So why not treat yourself to a nice Norman chocolate! Chocolate by Auzou or Michel Cluizel? ;)


Boutique, vitrine chocolat

Indulge in chocolate



Take care of yourself naturally


After we suggested indulging in chocolate, we felt like we had to be more reasonable! Exercise to stay fit and energised. Nature is everywhere in the Eure Department and there are many pleasant places to go cycling, running, horse riding, etc. You can even plan a relaxing and well-being weekend with yoga classes.


Yoga en plein air, Eure, Normandie

 Experiencing a slow life lifestyle


Keep in touch with your favourite holiday destination

We know how much you love the Eure Department, that's why you should keep an eye on our social media! That way you will enjoy a virtual change of scenery ;)


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