Château-Gaillard, Les Andelys, Eure, Normandie
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8 reasons to visit Eure Department in summer

8 reasons to visit Eure Department in summer

8 reasons to visit Eure Department in summer


Goodbye pareo, goodbye beach vendors! Holidays in the countryside are great, and they are even better in the Eure. Here are 8 reasons to visit the Eure Department in summer.


1. Breathing the fresh air and getting away from your daily stress

There is nothing like the countryside to recharge your batteries and feel energised. The Eure welcomes you with open arms! Here, you will meet new people, enjoy experiences and share the simple pleasures of life far from the hustle and bustle of city life and mass tourism. Say NO to traffic jams! NO to long queues! NO to crowded beaches! The Norman countryside provides peace and quiet, fresh air and a wide range of activities



weekend campagne en famille, eure, normandie

Share a pleasant time with your family


2. Differentiating yourself from others

You do not have to follow the dictates of beach holidays. Dare to be different! Imagine the original pictures you will take and the unexpected experiences you will have... You will become a pioneer of slow* holidays in Normandy, without any hassle, concentrating on simple things and reconnecting with yourself.


*Slow holidays: taking your time to explore, free from haste and pressure, to live each moment to the full and appreciate the scenery and the people you meet.


 Roadtrip combi vintage, Marais Vernier, Eure, Normandie

Meeting scottish Highland Cattle in the Marais Vernier


3. Enjoying beautiful walks

The Eure has the advantage of having wide open spaces that are ideal to get outdoors and active. Cycling along the greenways, walking in the forest or riding a horse across the plains, all the trails and tracks lead to happiness. The landscapes are varied and all the senses are all stimulated. Listening to the birds sing, to the river flowing and to the leaves rustling in the wind. Stopping at a farm or for a picnic, etc. Very simply take a breather, have fun and live each moment to the full.



Balade à vélo entre amis, Les Andelys, Eure, Normandie

 Enjoy simple life pleasures with your friends


4. Indulging in local terroir products

You are sure to eat well in the Eure! You will discover plenty of Norman specialities. Apple juice, cider, cream, cheese, butter, etc. But you will also be able to discover saffron made in Eure, the red-fleshed apple and artisanal ice cream, which is a must-have treat in summer.



Dégustation de glace, Eure, Normandie

 Enjoy an ice cream made with norman milk


5. Learning something new every day

Who has never dreamed of travelling back in time? Of pretending to be a gladiator, a valiant knight, or a princess… If there is a place to make this dream come true, it is here! Old stones, castles, abbeys, exceptional museums, etc. There is something to suit every taste. Land of History and inspiration, the Eure is teeming with heritage sites and treasures that await you.



Vieux moulin, Vernon, Eure, Normandie

Old mill in Vernon


6. Exploring pretty market towns and quaint villages

Authentic, charming and relaxing, you will love the colours, the half-timbering and the beauty of old buildings. Well, yes, our villages do not lack character! Most Beautiful Villages in France (OK!), town of Art and History (OK!), France's Most Beautiful Detours (OK!). Needless to say that there are lots of things to do!


Village Le Bec-Hellouin, Eure, Normandie

 Exploring, Le Bec-Hellouin, village listed among the most beautiful in France


7. Being surprised

Spotting Scottish Highland cattle, encountering Camargue horses, listening to crickets, sleeping in a revolving house, visiting an Indian garden at the Château du Champ de Bataille, etc. It would be too long to make a complete list. But one thing is sure, you will be surprised by all the surprises the Eure holds!


Domaine du Centaure, Eure, Normandie

 Sleeping in a revolving house at le Domaine du Centaure


8. Keeping cool by the water

Ok, there is no sea, but it is as fun! Jump into a natural pool, go stand-up paddle surfing or kayaking on a river, relax by the river Seine, have fun at a lake, etc. Why would we need to go to a seaside resort?


Kayak, rivière, Eure, Normandie

 Following trails and rivers...