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Feeling peckish? Unsure whether to go for something sweet or savoury? Consult our list of shops and delicatessens offering fine local products, be they sweet or savoury. The Eure counts many cultural sites with a shop where you can pick up a tasty little treat.

On a weekend in Normandy, it’s a nice way of supporting local shops. Do try out regional products, including Normandy specialities, cheeses and charcuterie, plus further local surprises. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then head for the many shops proposing a range of cakes and biscuits. Home-made cakes and local sweet specialities that reflect the seasons, such as apple tarts or douillons aux pommes (caramelised apples baked in a buttery pastry) or mirlitons (almond cakes) make a great reward after a walk.

If heading out on a hike, why not prepare a picnic packed with fresh seasonal produce? Taking advantage of Normandy’s rich culinary lands also means buying direct, tasting yoghurts made with Normandy milk, say, or biting into a crusty baguette made with 100% Eure ingredients. Young and old alike will be delighted, when touring the Eure, to stop in a village for a sweet or savoury treat, depending on the time of day. Best not overdo it, but it’s great to indulge, enjoying those foodie moments with the family.

Whether on an excursion or looking to entertain at your accommodation, Normandy’s delicatessens and specialist food shops will welcome you warmly. Put together impressive platters with a mixture of terrines and pâtés, and maybe poultry prepared in a delicious sauce. To add to a tasty tea time, serve a delicious farm-pressed juice made from apples from the Eure’s orchards. The Eure’s sweet and savoury delights are so varied, what you choose comes down to your number of guests and their appetites!