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Consuming local is consuming well! The adage of Farm Sale is a direct sale of local products. Share the know-how of Eure farmers. Savor local products that smell like France. Normandy is a gourmet land, a “land and sea” terroir. Eure is a veritable breadbasket for France. Throughout the seasons, local producers work every day on their farms to enhance vegetables, meat and dairy products. Discover hundreds of local companies, “made in France” for warm moments during your weekend in the Eure. Meet these enthusiasts of the land, of the culture of our ancestors to taste sometimes forgotten dishes. Take advantage of the click & collect in certain shops to picnic with fresh yogurts, milk ice cream from Normandy.

For your barbecue this summer, think of the beautiful meats that smell good of the pasture and the fresh grass of the meadows of the Eure. In spring, the red fruits of the Eure will brighten up your plates with a tasty tart, a pastry made with fresh products. Honey and bees, good jam, fresh butter, that’s all you need sometimes to enjoy the tranquility of the great outdoors from your terrace for breakfast.

For Sunday meals with the family, for a good meal during your weekend in the Eure, gourmet recipes await you. Work a simple and friendly traditional recipe from Normandy poultry. Guinea fowl, chicken, chicken, duck are all dishes that you can find near you.

Let yourself be surprised by the goat farms of the Eure which offer fresh cheeses , yoghurts, cottage cheese and even cottage cheese. You may be able to watch the goats being milked with your children to share simple family pleasures.

Normandy and the apple quite a story! Apple and pear growers have worked for centuries to ferment these fruits. Apple juice, agricultural cider, perry, ice cider, pommeau and calvados AOC are Norman specialties that smell good of the Eure terroir.

Come and meet our producers and farmers to promote short circuits . Farmers and breeders are proud to offer you seasonal fruits and vegetables, farm products from the Normandy region. Savor good products from responsible or organic farming. Many points of sale, farmer drives are set up to facilitate the sale of local products in a cooperative on a local farm. All the know-how of farm products awaits you in Normandy: market gardeners, organic AOP and AOC producers, raw milk cheeses, butchers…