The water garden, Fondation Claude Monet, Giverny, Eure, Normandy
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Be amazed by Giverny

Discover the world of the painter and gardener Claude Monet

Be amazed by Giverny

Claude Monet


He dropped his suitcases here in 1883 and never left… It is here, in Normandy that Claude Monet chose to settle to create his greatest work of art. A living masterpiece, the founder of Impressionism turned Giverny into a unique place in the world steeped in peace and tranquillity.

Nothing has really changed in Monet's property. His house and garden provide a fascinating visit, it is like stepping into one of his paintings. Time stands still. The magic happens. Walking along the garden paths in Giverny to immerse yourself in the smells, the colours and the impressions that inspired the "painter-gardener" is a unique experience you can only live in the Eure Department


Fondation Claude Monet, Giverny, Eure, Normandie


Claude Monet's love at first sight for Giverny

When, in 1883, Monet set off to find a new house for his family and himself on the Vernon - Gasny train line, he spotted Giverny through the window. Monet fell madly in love, "certain he would never find such beautiful countryside anywhere else". When he visited the village, he immediately recognized the unique light of the Seine Valley. 

"I am in raptures; Giverny is a splendid place for me." Monet said to Duret.


Like a landscape artist, the painter converted a neglected plot of land into an exceptional garden using flowers, shrubs and trees as his palette. Daffodils, tulips, narcissus, peonies, irises, etc. From colour to balance, everything was planned to generate inspiration, just like the pleasant Clos Normand. Claude Monet has made his garden an ode to nature in which colours follow the seasons.


Claude Monet, Giverny, Eure, Tourisme, Normandy


Increasingly passionate about his garden, Monet created further down, on the other side of the railway, a "Water Garden". He diverted water from the small stream Ru, an arm of the river Epte, to supply the pond that will give birth to the famous water lily pond.


Water Garden, Fondation Claude Monet, Eure, Normandy


An immersion in the painter's world

Just like his garden, Claude Monet modelled his house on his life. Outside, he painted the shutters green, which contrasts beautifully with the pink rendering of the house. Inside, the first thing that catches the eye is the colours. The dazzling yellow dining room, which looks like an incredible firework when it is lit by the rays of the sun coming through the windows. The numerous Japanese prints on the walls reveal the painter’s interest in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

In the kitchen, blue was given pride of place. The blue tiles from Rouen bring to mind the Portuguese azulejos. The light reflects on the copper utensils and you can picture yourself cooking a nice dish on the large cook stove with multiple ovens.  


Monet's house, Impressionnism, Giverny, Eure, Normandy


The studio-sitting room, where about sixty paintings (reproductions) are displayed, takes visitors to the painter's "private museum". Here, Claude Monet has completed many paintings. It would take hours to fully appreciate this extraordinary room. 

The first floor offers a pleasant view over the garden. In the artist's bedroom, we understand his interest in light. Speaking of which, he never closed the shutters… On the walls, there are paintings made by Monet's "accomplices".


Studio-sitting room, Claude Monet, Impressionnism, Giverny, Eure, Normandie


Claude Monet's property is not only a place of tribute, it is a part of his work. To discover and understand the personality of one of the greatest French painters, the only way is to travel to Giverny in the Eure Department


Normandy, Giverny and Claude Monet are unquestionably connected… 



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