Loriquet, Jardins animaliers Biotropica, Eure, Normandy
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The temperature is rising, but make no mistake, you are in Normandy, in the biggest tropical greenhouse in France. 

At Biotropica, it is 26°C all year round! And it is the right temperature for the rainbow lorikeet, the iguana, the American alligator and the other extraordinary animals to thrive. Immersed in the tropical atmosphere of the greenhouse, where the luxuriant vegetation has become the playground for many animal species (including endangered species), Biotropica zoological park provides visitors with a fantastic experience. 


Animaux, Biotropica, Eure, Normandie


Crocodile, Biotropica, Eure, Normandie 

Jardins animaliers Biotropica, Eure, Normandie 

Biotropica is a great place to learn more about biodiversity and raises awareness about the protection of animal and plant species that are part of the wealth of the planet. Try feeding the lorikeets that will perch on your head or your shoulder to thank you. 

We particularly like: Immersing ourselves in a tropical atmosphere in Normandy.




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