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In the Eure, spring marks the start of the festival season. The peace and quiet of small towns give way to the fun and the craziness of festivals… What is better than partying against the backdrop of the Norman countryside!  

Music and art lovers, nature lovers and food event goers, every year the Eure holds varied and generous events and festivals. There is something to suit every taste, age and style! From big, popular festivals to small new ones that grow in scope, the Eure has great cultural discoveries in store for you. So why wait longer, come and experience Norman festivals. Enjoy without limits!   


Rock in Evreux Festival, Eure, Normandy


Sing along!

Rock, pop, jazz, classical, opera… There are numerous festivals to treat your ears to music! The Eure's music festivals bring all generations together thanks to interesting and varied rock'n'roll line-up but also eclectic ones making way for new music styles and trends. They do not hesitate to give centre stage to small, local bands as well as famous bands and rising stars. Varied, colourful and family-friendly, the Eure's festival are steeped in a friendly atmosphere and confirm that the countryside too can provide high-quality events and a great vibe. 

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Rock in Evreux Festival, Eure, Normandy



Just like music, we love to pay tribute to nature in the Eure as it characterises the region. Flax festivals, vegetable festivals, harvest festivals, etc. are key events to celebrate and learn more about the riches of the Norman land. In a friendly atmosphere, farmers, producers and food artisans generously share their love for their work at festivals in which the terroir is given pride of place.


Domaine Harcourt, event, Eure, Normandy


Traditions and popular events  

Popular events gather every summer numerous visitors eager to learn more about Norman traditions and history. Medieval festivals take visitors back in time and immerse them in the Middle-Ages with horses, kings and minstrels ruling the place. From the Fête des Gueux in Verneuil d’Avre et d’Iton to the Médiévales d’Harcourt, the Eure invites you on a journey out of the ordinary.  



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