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Water-based attractions and leisure activities

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Water-based attractions and leisure activities

Having a walk by a river, tackling a white water river in a canoe, trying your hand at trout fishing along popular waterways, daydreaming during a cruise on the river Seine, experiencing the thrills and spills of water sports, taking a dip to keep cool in summer, being charmed by the pretty Norman towns in which canals flow, coming across unexpected or legendary heritage sites hidden here and there... In the Eure, water rhymes with pleasure!

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Aux Plaisirs de Mon Moulin Canoe Hire - Pont-de-l’Arche Centre

Leisure centres and complexes  -  PONT-DE-L'ARCHE

Surrounded by nature, make the most of all the outdoor water sports activities available only 20 km (12 miles) away from Rouen.

Rugles district natural swimming pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool  -  RUGLES

In Rugles, in the south of the Eure, jump into the pristine water of the only chlorine-free swimming pool in Upper-Normandy.

Léry-Poses Golf Club, Normandy

Golf  -  POSES

Come and try this Norman golf course, accessible to all golfers, located between the Leisure park in Léry-Poses and the river Seine.

Les Andelys Swimming Pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool  -  LES ANDELYS

Looking for a place to take a dip along the river Seine? Head for the swimming pool in Les Andelys.

Aqua Mundo Center Parcs

Leisure centres and complexes Swimming pool / Fun pool Spa  -  LES BARILS

At Center Parcs, in Les Barils, indulge in water fun and laze around under the dome filled with fun water games.

Léry-Poses amusement park, Normandy

Leisure centres and complexes Monitored swimming beach Climbing  -  POSES

In a meander of the river Seine, in Normandy, take a look at a park filled with leisure activities where water is given pride of place.

Haut Phare Swimming Pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool  -  LE NEUBOURG

Indulge in sport activities, relaxation and well-being at this water park located in the heart of the Eure Department.

André Perrée Swimming Pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool  -  BERNAY

Inside in winter and in the open-air in summer, come and enjoy water fun in the heart of Normandy.

Espace nautique de la Grande Garenne Swimming Pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool Spa  -  SAINT-MARCEL

In Saint-Marcel, close to Vernon in the Seine valley, come and enjoy water-based fun with your family or friends.

Solar Swimming Pool

Swimming pool / Fun pool  -  SAINT-GEORGES-DU-VIEVRE

In the Lieuvin Normand region, enjoy outdoor swimming, which is good to relax both body and mind.