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Water fun

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Water fun

The Eure and water, it's a long and multifaceted story. The story of the river Seine and its majestic Valley, of the Vikings and of the Duchy of Normandy. The story of a territory dotted with hidden rivers and misleading streams, ponds and lakes bordered by watermills, small bridges and islands... A story that remains to be written, altogether, with the water-based leisure activities and sports. The story of the charming restaurants and hotels located on the banks of the rivers...

La vallée de la Seine

The Seine flows through the Eure. Its numerous meanders wind majestically to the estuary, to the sea.

 Choose your waterside accommodation

Charming stopovers or out-of-the-ordinary places by the water, the Eure has an amazing selection of accommodation related to water.

Water-based attractions and leisure activities

Tackling a white water river in a canoe, trying your hand at trout fishing, experience the thrills of water sports..., being charmed by the pretty Norman towns in which canals flow.

Le Rouloir © G. Le Garrec

Water is precious and second nature to the Eure in Normandy.