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An intense Normandy!

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An intense Normandy!

So close to Paris, you have to go through the Eure to get in Normandy, all the Normandys. Be happy to explore a great number of villages with half-timbered buildings, to experience the art of fine food, to learn more about incredible heritage sites like abbeys and castles that tell, in the open air, the History of Normandy and related anecdotes.

"Duché de Normandie " : découvrez tous les sites à visiter

From fortresses to illustrious abbeys, you will marvel at the prestigious legacies of Norman, English and French history.

Sites à visiter

In the Eure, some 100 sites and places to visit, legacies and witnesses to Normandy's past, open their doors to you.

HÔTELS pour douces nuits en Normandie

To indulge in Normandy's way of life, have a look at our selection of typically Norman accommodation.