Nymphéas © Eure Tourisme, O. Aubert

The Eure, painters' promised land

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The Eure, painters' promised land

Is it the vibrant tranquillity of its landscapes? The Eure has always been and still is today an ideal land of inspiration and welcome for artists, especially painters.


A whole range of colours and lights


Moulin de Hauville © Eure Tourisme, F. David


With its collection of landscapes highlighted by ever-changing skies, the Eure creates a soft and ever-changing palette in the Impressionist style. The light in the Eure, impenetrable and captivating, made it a major Impressionist centre in Normandy. Claude Monet, from his house and gardens in Giverny, never stopped to capture its secret. The Water Lilies series reflect this never-ending dream...


The Impressionists, and many other painters before them


Château-Gaillard, Les Andelys © Eure Tourisme, F. Cormon


Numerous painters before the Impressionists found in the Seine Valley, and especially in the Eure, the colours they wanted. Throughout the Department, you can admire their work: At Notre Dame des Andelys Collegiate Church with the recently restored works of art made by Quentin Varin: The Martyrdom of Saint Clair, The Martyrdom of Saint Vincent, The Assumption and The Virgin./ At the Nicolas Poussin Museum in Les Andelys: the museum's masterpiece Coriolanus reminds us of the local origins of the greatest 17th century French painter.  / At Vernon Collegiate Church where you can see Claude Vignon's Saint Dominique in the Rosary Chapel.