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Along the river Seine

Along the river Seine

Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Seurat, Sislet, Vlaminck, Manet, Signac, Pissarro, Boudin and many others: the Impressionist painters mainly set up their easels along the meanders of the river Seine, in Paris and in Normandy.


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Peintre à Harcourt © P. Dodin

Two crucial inventions - paint tubes in 1841 and portable easels in 1857 - would lead to the development of a "school of nature", a different way of painting.


The second half of the 19th century would see the birth of a new way of painting and of all kinds of innovations, while the river Seine would become more and more industrialised or used to entertain city-dwellers. PissaroSisleyGuillaumin became interested in the industrial development; MonetRenoir and Caillebotte preferred to depict leisure scenes. Life would lie at the heart of their paintings.


Leaving Paris for the country
As early as 1867, willing to get closer to nature, to have a garden, and thanks to the development of railways, the future Impressionists would move away from Paris. Some of them would even live along the river. The first ones settled down in Chatou, Bougival, Louveciennes, Argenteuil. This phenomenon even increased as from 1880.



Monet in Giverny, Pissarro in Eragny…


In 1883, Claude Monet, enthused about the place, settled in Giverny, a small village on the banks of the river Epte, and Pissarro, in 1884, settled in Eragny-sur-Epte, near Gisors. In 1890, Berthe Morisot came closer to Giverny. Pierre Bonnard would buy a wooden caravan in Vernonnet, between Vernon and Giverny.


Jardins de Claude Monet, Giverny © Eure Tourisme, E. Rangee


Where they came, what they saw, what they painted along the Seine river...