Claude Monet © Eure Tourisme, O. Aubert

Monet, a Master of Impressionism

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Monet, a Master of Impressionism

If there is one person who embodies the Impressionist movement, it has to be Claude Monet. It was from his garden in Giverny (where he settled in 1883 and lived until his death, 43 years later), and especially by his pond with water lilies, that he, nicknamed the "painter-gardener", drew his inspiration.


Monet was the first to conventionalize painting variations of the same subject and as series and to show his canvases together in exhibitions. It inspired many artists. Monet would soon have the upper hand on the group of Impressionist artist and become their leader. According to an art critic, "Monet is the most skilful and the most daring" of the Impressionist painters. From 1887, Giverny would attract many American artists who came to look for subject matters but also for the proximity to the Master.


Buste de Claude Monet à Giverny, eure, Normandie © Eure Tourisme, C. Lemagnent