Noix de Saint Jacques © La Grand Mare

Products Made in Eure

Products Made in Eure

Producers and craftsmen in the Eure Department use their imagination and creative talent to add a pinch of eccentricity and a touch of Normandy to their products.



Sweet treats

La pomme rouge en produits © Eure Tourisme, G. TargatLa Louyse, Evreux © Eure Tourisme, G. TargatChocolatrium Cluizel © Eure Tourisme, P. Forget


¤ The "Louyse" of the Belfry of Evreux: crystallized apple with Pommeau in dark chocolate (Chocolats Auzou, Evreux).
¤ Cluizel Chocolates: The family business has been producing luxury chocolates since 1947 made from the best varieties of cocoa beans in the world.
¤ The "Grison", Verneuil-sur-Avre's local speciality: delicious sweets with chocolate, caramel, praline and walnuts that look like the typical red stone of the region (Bakery "Aux Délices de la Tour" in Verneuil-sur-Avre).
¤ The "Cailloux de LOUVIERS" - Louviers' Stones (Confectioner Morin-Thierry in Louviers).
¤ The biscuits  "Petit Neubourgeois", "Sablé Neubourgeois" and "Croquants Neubourgeois" (Bakery-Confectionery Le Viking in Le Neubourg).
¤ Red apple juice and sweets coming from an incredible apple with red flesh (Le Clos de Cerisey in Gauciel).
¤ Fruit juices "Perfect Duos": a clever blend of apple juice and fruit purée, apple and raspberry, apple and strawberry, apple and blackcurrant and apple and blackberry (Farm Domaine des Hauts Vents in Saint-Ouen-du-Tilleul).



Snail, cheese and charcuterie


La bikette caugéenne © Eure Tourisme, H. HaillardLe Caugéen © Eure TourismeEscargot des Marnières © Bienvenue à la Ferme Normandie


¤ The sausage of Pont-Audemer: a local speciality made with apple flesh marinated in Pommeau that can be eaten grilled or cold.
¤ Père Michelot's Terrine in Bernay: an old recipe that was made in the old days with pork throat, liver and head (Delicatessen "Charcuterie Au Cochon d’Or" in Bernay)

¤ The Caugéen: an oval goat cheese smelling hazelnuts.
¤ Snails with Roquefort, garlic butter and Catalan snails (Farm L’escargot des Marnières in Tillières-sur-Avre). 



Brandy and vinegar


Aigrette de Bière © Eure TourismeApéritif Calvados Framboises, Domaine du Framboisier © Domaine du FramboisierBière Richard Coeur de Lion © Eure Tourisme


¤ Cider vinegar, prunes in Pommeau and cherries in Calvados: Domaine des Hauts Vents in Saint-Ouen-du-Tilleul.
¤ The Aigrette Beer in La Couture Boussey: Ferme du Clos de la Mare in La Couture-Boussey.
¤ Raspberry & Calvados aperitif drink: Domaine du Framboisier in Ajou.

¤ The Richard Coeur de Lion Beer: Brasserie Duplessi in Tosny.