Noix de Saint Jacques © La Grand Mare

Famous Norman produce

Famous Norman produce


Apple, cider, Pommeau and Calvados


Distillerie Busnel, Cormeilles © Eure Tourisme, G. Targat


In Normandy, apple leads the fields! Norman orchards provide the best fruits to prepare delicious drinks. This emblematic regional tradition is handed down from generation to generation and is remarkably successful thanks to the skills of its producers and the traditions behind it, which they have not only managed to preserve but also improve.
- Apple juice with a unique refreshing and sweet taste.
- Cider, a slightly alcoholic drink with a nice golden colour.
- Calvados, the most famous Norman alcoholic drink, an apple brandy made from distilled cider and aged in oak casks, which gives it its nice amber colour.
- Pommeau, an apple-based aperitif drink invented in the Eure Department, best served chilled. A well-balanced blend of apple juice and Calvados apple brandy that matures at least 18 months in oak casks.



Milk, butter, cream and cheese


Lait, crème et fromages © JP Copitet


Milk, cream and Norman cheese… what Normandy, a "dairy land", is known for; a reputation that is firmly established. Its unctuous milk comes from well-built cows grazing green pastures almost all year. This precious liquid is used to produce tasty cream, which, once churned, becomes butter, and not any butter!
Not to mention the world famous cheese: the renowned Camembert de Normandie, Pont-l’Evêque, Neufchâtel and Livarot, also known as "Colonel".



Norman Foie Gras


Foie gras et pain d'épices © Eure-Tourisme, G.Targat


Only few food lovers know this, but Normandy is also a region that produces foie gras. Geese and ducks are fed under the apple trees in our green pastures in order to produce only quality terroir produce. Normandy, with more than 70 producers, has been involved in the production of foie gras since the 1980s and became a reference due to its green and bountiful pastures, which are appropriate to the production of this noble product. In fact, the town of Le Neubourg, in the Eure Department, welcomes, several times every year, the Norman producers of Foie Gras, members of the Association "Fermiers du Bec", and Chefs who reveal their cooking secrets or their favourite pairing of duck foie gras with sweet white wine.

Further information: Pays du Neubourg Tourist Information Centre.



Normande cattle


Vache normande © Eure Tourisme


Before you go across fields in Normandy, it is important to know how to recognize the regional cow. The secret is to look at it in the eye… Normande cattle always "wear brown glasses"!
The production of beef from the Normande breed is part of a long tradition dating back, most likely, to the middle of the 19th century.
The Normande breed results from a cross-breeding of three old breeds: Cotentine, Augeronne and Cauchoise.

It is known for the quality of its milk and for the quality of its meat!