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Explore the Eure

Normandy, it all starts in the Eure!

Explore the Eure, and experience an intense Normandy! Its rich Norman heritage, its delicious cuisine, its Impressionist charm, its wide range of water-based activities and its numerous ideas for the whole family to relax, all this only one hour away from Paris.


So close to Paris, you have to go through the Eure to get in Normandy, all the Normandys.

Center Parcs, Les Barils © Center Parcs, E. Bergoend

The Eure and water, it's a long and multifaceted story about the Seine Valley, the Vikings, water activities and water sports.

Jardins de Monet, Giverny, Eure, Normandie © Fondation Monet

From Claude Monet in the Norman village of Giverny to the stunning landscapes of the Seine Valley, the spotlight is turned on the Eure, a land of Impressionism.

Pique-niquer en famille © Eure Tourisme, G. Targat

Leisure activities for young children and teenagers, useful and out-of-the-ordinary places for small or large families, parent-free holidays, etc. Discover an ideal Normandy for families.

Saumon © Eure Tourisme

A generous and delicious Norman terroir, refinement in the plates, talented Chefs, etc. Welcome to the Eure, a foodie heaven.