Fall under the Norman spell of Louviers, a former textile town.

Louviers, a former cloth town, has kept some Norman features - especially around the Cathedral - with its half-timbered houses, its majestic buildings, its former factories and its cloister Cloître des Pénitents, the only one in Europe to be built on water. Louviers is criss-crossed by some 20 distributaries (natural or man-made). Walk along them to explore the local heritage: the public garden, the Bigard garden, the Villa Caldéron, the watermill, the museum, etc. Really charming.

The Music Station comprises a performance hall, a recording studio and an amazing dedicated team of professionals.

Spoken languages

  • French
  • English


  • Average duration of the individual visit: 90 min
  • Average duration of the group visit: 90 min



  • Accommodation on site
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor games


  • Bicycle parking
  • Free WIFI


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