In the Vièvre Normand region, memories of Resistance fighters and deportees encourages visitors to reflect upon the duty of remembrance.

In Manneville-sur-Risle, in the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, a small chapel showcases the local collective memory. It houses the Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation (Resistance and Deportation Museum). After the visit, full of emotions, you will not remain indifferent. More than 500 objects and documents (photos, letters, etc.), including some that belonged to local Resistance fighters and people who were deported, remind visitors of the Second World War. The museum also pays tribute to the Maquis Surcouf, the most active Resistance movement in Upper-Normandy whose headquarters was located a stone's throw away in the Lieuvin region.

Want to know more about the Resistance movement Maquis Surcouf? With the digital audio players lent by the Tourist Information Centre of St-Georges-du-Vièvre, go and explore by car the Vièvre area following the tour "In the footsteps of the Maquisards".

Spoken languages

  • French


  • Average duration of the individual visit: 40 min
  • Average duration of the group visit: 40 min


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