Have a walk among trees, between Louviers and Le Neubourg, a stone's throw away from the Iton valley.

Canappeville's Arboretum is located on the edge of a forest that has the PEFC certification. 7.5 hectares that are ideal for a walk, to explore the forest and have a look at the different tree species. The arboretum now comprises 35 Norman species (horse chestnuts, beeches, oaks, etc.) and species from all the continents (30-metre high sequoia, southern beeches from Chili, Oriental spruce, etc.). There is a 1,100-metre long signposted trail you can follow for your self-guided tour. Information panels provide details about some species.

Mushroom hunting is allowed in autumn.

Spoken languages

  • French


  • Average duration of the individual visit: 120 min
  • Average duration of the group visit: 90 min
  • Welcome group from 10 person(s) to 30 people.



  • Picnic area


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