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Grande Noé Bird Reserve

Grande Noé Bird Reserve

Thirty minutes away from Rouen, between the rivers Seine, Eure and Andelle, come and observe birds in a reserve of national importance.

Grande Noé Bird Reserve
Chaussée de l'Andelle
27100 Val-de-Reuil

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Protected area
The Grande Noë Bird Reserve in Val-de-Reuil promises bird lovers a great time. This reserve of national importance is located in a major migratory flyway at the crossroads of three valleys: Eure, Seine and Andelle. 210 birds species come and find refuge there, including the most important colony of continental great cormorants in Normandy! The site is freely open to everyone but please respect the tranquillity of the place and comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

To better understand the world of birds, the Norman Ornithological Society organizes guided tours of the reserve. A fascinating time and discussion for both children and grown-ups.

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