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Towns and cities along the river Seine

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Towns and cities along the river Seine

They are so charming these towns and cities located on the banks of the river Seine! Go and explore them.


Les Andelys © Eure Tourisme, E. Mémeteau


Les Andelys


Surrounding one of the most beautiful meanders of the river, Les Andelys, dominated by the ruins of the famous Château-Gaillard, is a must-see in the Norman Seine Valley.




Berville-sur-Mer, a former fishing port, is the only maritime village in the Eure Department. It provides a big esplanade, where it is very pleasant to stop for a picnic, unique stunning views over the river Seine and the Normandy and Tancarville bridges.


Berville-sur-Mer © Pascal Argences




In the heart of the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, the little village of Aizier, a former Roman port overlooking the river Seine, is one of the gems found along the Thatched Cottage Trail.


Eglise d'Aizier © Pays Risle Estuaire




Nestled along the tranquil banks of the river Seine, Poses, a former key river port, has developed a genuine harmony.


Poses, devant l'atelier du peintre Ratel © Eure Tourisme, C. Dhalluin




Quillebeuf, a former maritime town located on the Seine estuary, has been using water as a source of life and wealth. The river ferry, known as the "bac", still enables to cross the river in a very picturesque manner while the old lighthouse keeps watch over the river...


Quillebeuf-sur-Seine © Eure Tourisme, T. Houyel




The Norman gateway to the Seine Valley and riverside town, a former key stop between Paris and Rouen and a crossing point, Vernon quickly became a fortified town.


Vieux Moulin de Vernon © Eure Tourisme, M. Aubry




Along the Thatched Cottage Trail, bordering the Marais Vernier, Vieux-Port is a quaint village located on the banks of the river Seine with numerous houses that have kept their thatched roof planted with irises.


Vieux-Port © Eure Tourisme, C. Roméro




This authentic fortified medieval town has preserved important remains of its fortification wall and ditches.


Pont-de-l'Arche © Hôtel de la Tour